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Preliminary Program TICTEC2023

22 July 2023 

Venue: Startplatz Düsseldorf (Speditionstraße 15A)





“How can Thailand  become a leader in SEA to achieve Net Zero 2050?”


  1. Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin

  2. Office of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation in Brussel


Keynote 1

“Sustainability energy technology vision for Thailand”

Banpu Public Company Limited


Panel discussion 1

“How the European Model of Energy is Paving the Way for a Greener World and Empowering the Next Generation to Make a Difference?”


  1. Mr. Albert Català Rovirosa (RWE AG)

  2. Ms. Atyia Al-Hammud (Youth activism, Policy-making)

  3. Mr. Nils Mueller (Adequacy Expert)

  4. Ms. Parichat Haehnen (TICTEC GmbH)


Coffee break 



Keynote 2

“Impact of innovative technologies for our sustainable planet”

Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC)


Special talks

"Exploring the Intersection of Climate Tech and Carbon Trading: Scaling Your Venture in Southeast Asia's Innovation Hub and Capitalizing on Opportunities in Thailand".

  1. Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)

  2. National Innovation Agency (NIA) of Thailand


2-minute Poster pitch session




Panel discussion 2

"Thailand's Net Zero Roadmap in the Travel & Tourism Sector: Achieving Carbon Neutral Tourism and Advancing Towards Sustainable Tourism"


  1. Asst. Prof. Supawadee Photiyarach, Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI)

  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamasak Yeemin, Ramkhamhaeng University

  3. Dr. Chatchawee Kongdee, Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) 


Panel discussion 3

“Food and Agriculture Technology for a Sustainable Future: Minimizing Waste and Energy Usage towards Net Zero Impact”


  1. Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) & (CP All PCL)

  2. Dr. Sakson Soisontes (Thünen-Institut)

  3. Piyathida Schmid (Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH)

  4. NRW Food Hub


Panel discussion 4

"Building a Better World through Clean Transportation and Infrastructure"


  1. Dr. Tanut Ungwattanapanich (Airbus , Germany)

  2. Mr. Chatchanan Dulyakometh (Airport operations, France)

  3. Dr. Piyamon Poapongsakorn (Polestar Automotive UK Ltd.)


Coffee break


Panel discussion 5

"Advancing Solutions in the Automotive and Electronics Industry through ClimateTech Innovations"


  1. Dr. Korawich Niyomsatian (National Instruments, Belgium)

  2. Mr. Kwanchai Chuenlertsakul  (Recaro Aircraft Seating, Germany)

  3. Mr. Potsawat Dumsi (ASML, The Netherlands)


Parallel session: (2 x 60 min)

#Workshop 1

 "Marketing and Storytelling Strategies for Startups: Unlocking EU Funding Opportunities" 

Discover the potential of EU funding with Horizon Europe and learn from successful startup founders and marketing experts on effective storytelling and marketing strategies. Join us in this workshop to enhance your knowledge and skills to attract investors and achieve your startup's growth goals.


  • Ms. Parichat Haehnen, EU Funding Consultant

  • Ms. Boonrat Sawasdio, Successful Startup Founder

  • Ms. Sopaporn Kurz, Marketing Expert in Storytelling

 #Workshop 2

"Strategies for Accelerating Your Career Growth in Research and Industry: Tips for Interviews, Resume Review, and More"

  • Interview tips for success ( by Ms. Thanyatorn Vijarnkaikij)

  • Optimizing your resume for the job market ( by Ms. Sunshine Lampert)

  • Research vs industry: exploring the similarities and differences ( by Dr. Tanut Ungwattanapanich)


#Workshop 3

“Green Hydrogen and the Future of Transportation: Innovating for a Sustainable Energy Transition” 

Gain insights into the science and technology behind green hydrogen, explore its diverse applications in the transportation industry, and discover how it can help transform the industry towards a cleaner and more efficient future. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts looking to stay ahead of current and future trends in the industry.


  • Mr. Purith Polnikorn (INSA Toulouse)

  • Ms. Siriluk Pumirat (Valeo eAutomotive, Germany)

  • Ms. Pailin Chanuc (Valeo, France)


Take-home messages of TICTEC2023

18:10 - 21:00

Networking dinner

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